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Do you or your family find climbing the stairs of your home not comfortable and easy as it used to be? Are you looking for a solution that allows the elderly ones at your home to enjoy the freedom of accessing every floor of your home without disrupting your daily life? Alfa Elevators is the finest elevator company in Dubai that is adamant about providing the most reasonable solution.

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Our Italian-made stair lifts are the most comfortable and sensible choice for the most demanding staircases. We equip our chair lifts with every safety feature to protect the user while travelling. It is why Alfa Elevator is the most dependable chair lift supplier in Dubai. The chair lifts from Alfa Elevators involve shock-proof, crush-proof and shear-proof systems that ensure that they stop in the event of hazards. The simple controls on the armrest are highly functional and offer high performance with easy direct movement around the house.

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You can call the chair lift to the desired floor using the radio controls. The folding seat opens and closes with ease. The safety belt with an automatic re-tractor complements the above-mentioned features. Emiratis can depend on our diligent team for Chair Lift Installations in the UAE.

The swivel seat makes it simple to get on and off. Washable and padded seat and back cushions focus on providing maximum ride comfort. It is available with a hinged track for simple installation in confined spaces. Furthermore, for even cramped spaces, it includes a revolutionary sliding guide that offers motorised travel on the staircase, saving even more space. It requires little installation effort and is simple to put together. It is typically installed in a few hours to a day, with no masonry work required.

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