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The Lift Tables coming from our unit is a great feature in the materials handling sector. The engineering excellence of our product is reflected in the response it has attracted among industry users. We have been advancing the "state of the art" in lift performance at a dramatic pace.

Crafted from quality raw material, these tables are available in various sizes, capacities and lifting heights. We offer these high performance lift tables at low prices owing to a highly effective manufacturing process.

The lift tables manufactured by us are widely applicable in loading and unloading of tools, dies and instruments. It is also used in loading and unloading from trucks and in other maintenance jobs.

This product is put through rigorous testing and quality evaluations prior to their release in the market. The point of all this research is to provide customers with superior value and service.

If you are considering installing a new platform elevator in a new or existing building, ALFA Elevator can furnish and install.

Maximum safety is of the utmost importance to us and all our lift installations comply with European Regulations and come with a guarantee. All our lift installations are of high quality.

"Any lift installed by ALFA comes with Two year’s warranty plus the first year’s maintenance is FREE"

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