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ALFA Elevator offers a variety of lifts for residential use. Our personalized approach to helping you find the best product for your 

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Our Passenger Elevators are distributed in various series to fit the requirement of each and every type of building including affordable housing as well as premium housing. 


Passenger elevator is the most exclusive design in elevator manufacturing these days. Passenger elevators use most advanced technology in elevator erection.


ALFA Cargo lift series are perfect for Automotive Parts,Warehousing , Tire Stores,  Distribution Through Floor, Retail Stores


ALFA ELEVATOR offers a range of machine room-less (MRL) electric passenger lifts. The design guarantees the best energy efficiency and enhances the lift’s comfort and safety.

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We manufacture a supreme quality hospital lift which is generally used in hospitals as the name suggests and is popular due to its spacious nature and size.


The platform lift guarantees easy accessibility to public and private buildings. It represents a solution that is increasingly sought out by disabled individuals, senior citizens and wheelchair users. 


Our stair lifts are the most comfortable and practical option for the most demanding staircases. They are manufactured in Italy.

 It is equipped with every device to ensure your safety while in use.


Dumbwaiters which are definitely a boon to large commercial organizations like hotels, restaurants etc. They can be designed to suit a specific application like carrying mails, food & other light weight stuff.


Vehicle Lifts is manufactured as per the client's specifications and requirements. Our products are manufactured under the strict supervision of our diligent quality controllers. 


The Lift Tables coming from our unit is a great feature in the materials handling sector. The engineering excellence of our product is reflected in the response it has attracted among industry users. .