Passenger lifts are probably the most common type of installation. They are, as the name suggests, lifts that are suitable for carrying passengers as well as goods.

They are found in a range of places including apartment buildings, shops, nursing homes, schools, offices and many other buildings.

The majority of public and many private buildings with more than two storeys have passenger lifts.In order to ensure that the building is suitably accessible for all those who may use it.

You may chose from various types of interiors, buttons etc. to give you the right feel in the elevator.

We manufacture all types Passenger Elevators including Manual Doors, Power Operated Doors, Capsule Elevators, etc. All the Elevators are manufactured keeping in mind the Safety, Speed and Comfort.

Our Passenger Elevators are distributed in various series to fit the requirement of each and every type of building including affordable housing as well as premium housing

Latest technology is used in the elevator for the machines, controllers, etc. so as to give reliability, superior comfort and better travel experience for the passenger.

There are different types of passenger lifts including both traction and hydraulic lifts as well as disabled lifts and platform lifts These too are available in many forms but some key elements of the legislation to be aware of are:


  •     Door openings to be at least 800mm

  •     Lift doors must be automatic

  •     Door dwell time should be between 2 and 20 seconds

  •     A mirror must be in the lift car to enable wheelchair users to see any                   obstacles behind them, if the lift car is not large enough to turn around in

  •     Leveling accuracy must be within 20mm

  •     Audible signs for doors opening and closing and for floor designation

  •     Face plate and surrounds must be different, both visually and by touch to the            push buttons.

A Passenger lift is designed to ferry people from point A to Point B vertically. The modern passenger lift is a simple means of transport within a building. Passenger elevators capacity is related to the available floor space. Generally passenger elevators are available in typical capacities from 4 TO 26 PASSENGERS and speed varying between 0.5 Meter/sec to 2.5 Meter/Sec. Choice of passenger elevator typically depends on type of building (Commercial, Residential, Hotel, Mall, Housing society etc.,) and parameter such as passenger traffic movement. Budget involved is also a deciding factor between manual door and auto door passenger elevators. 

ALFA ELEVATOR offers all types of passenger elevator whether auto door or manually operated doors with variety of aesthetic choices for interior, flooring & false ceiling.

ALFA believes in continuous learning innovation, up gradation and perfection. Our Elevators are enriched with deep and wide experience gained from substantial presence in the elevator industry. We have installed several elevators across the country.

Our products speak for themselves, and you will find that any Elevator manufactured and installed by ALFA Elevators will meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether your building is in the residential, office, or public access segment, ALFA ELEVATOR can assist you. We offer solutions that help to create greater convenience and safety for occupants; for owners, that can improve building usage and enhance building value.

If you are considering installing a new elevator or lift in a new or existing building, ALFA Elevator can furnish and install.

 Maximum safety is of the utmost importance to us and all our lift installations comply with European Regulations and come with a guarantee. 

All our lift installations are of high quality.

Any lift installed by ALFA ELEVATOR comes with Two year’s warranty plus the first year’s maintenance is FREE.

Get a free estimate! For an elevator at your choice. 

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