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ALFA ELEVATOR also offers a range of machine room-less (MRL) electric passenger lifts. The design guarantees the best energy efficiency and enhances the lift’s comfort and safety. Space is optimized as the lift does not require a machine room, no sound pollution is created and no oil is required. This lift has a long life cycle and repairs are virtually unnecessary. We can also provide MRL lifts when carrying out lift replacements, freeing up the space previously occupied by a machine room –

A huge benefit to customers with limited available space.

Whatever the situation ALFA ELEVATOR can offer the best solution for your vertical transport needs. 

Whether your building is in the residential, office, or public access segment, ALFA ELEVATOR can assist you. We offer solutions that help to create greater convenience and safety for occupants; for owners, that can improve building usage and enhance building value.         

If you are considering installing a new elevator or lift in a new or existing building, ALFA Elevator can furnish and install.

Maximum safety is of the utmost importance to us and all our lift installations comply with European Regulations and come with a guarantee. All our lift installations are of high quality

"Any lift installed by ALFA comes with Two year’s warranty plus the first year’s maintenance is FREE"

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