Need an Elevator ?

H O M E 



Home elevators are often permitted to be of lower cost and complexity than full commercial elevators. ALFA elevators provide unique design characteristics suited for home furnishings, such as hinged wooden shaft-access doors or aluminum panel door rather than the typical metal sliding doors. A home elevator can change your life and it's an added value for house.

ALFA Elevator offers a variety of lifts for residential use. Our personalized approach to helping you find the best product for your needs ensures you receive best value and the satisfaction of knowing that you made the right choice.

"Improve your Class of Life with ALFA Home Elevators"

Our offering of strong, maintenance-free, home elevator is sure to improve your class of life and comfort of living. By choosing one from our many impressive home elevators, you can forget the hassle of going countless times up and down the floors. People with impaired mobility can easily and speedily move to and from floors.

Home elevator from ALFA Elevator can make a new addition to your already existing or brand new home, and enhance the worth and uniqueness of your Dream home.

"Any lift installed by ALFA comes with Two year’s warranty plus the first year’s maintenance is FREE"